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Rachel Reeves copies Truss and Sunak ove ...

Rachel Reeves copies Truss and Sunak over tax cuts & thinks Labour deserve votes for it.

Jul 23, 2022

The Tory leadership candidates squabble over tax cuts & Labour, bereft of ideas, think copying them is a vote winner. All we’ve heard from the Tory leadership candidates so far is tax cuts here and tax cuts there, so isn’t it refreshing when Labour’s hypernasal harridan of a shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves seeks to differentiate Labour from them by…announcing tax cuts too! Honest to God, we know why the Tories want to cut taxes, it shrinks the state, means less government spending, all the ideologicial idiocy they love but makes life God awful for us as our hospitals, schools and everywhere else struggle with budget cuts and leaving them open to further privatisation and profiteering with all the associated spin of ‘we need private investment, our services are failing if we don’t allow it’. But for Labour to be saying the same thing is basically sending the message out to wealthy right wing donors who perhaps back the Tories for this very reason, for the opportunities to make money under the guise of economic competence when really it’s anything but, to come to Labour instead because we’ll do it all as well, we just don’t have all the baggage they do. The arrogance of standing for nothing different and expecting people to still vote for them disgusts me, yet they may well be right. How many people are saying vote Labour to get the Tories out? How many of you are exasperated at trying to explain there’s no bloody difference? Well Reeves might’ve helped you out a bit there too, so here’s a few more of her announcements you can chuck at such people like a Liz Truss shaped hand grenade. Reeves has categorically ruled out Universal Basic Income, despite the Welsh Labour government currently trialling it on the basis she herself wouldn’t need it. Others do Rachel. What would Reeves do instead? Maybe tweak Universal Credit. What happened to abolishing that because it’s a massive failure then? Well she is married to the DWP’s Finance Director General, perhaps he quite likes his job. She’s apparently working on what to do to help people with the Cost of Living crisis, so doesn’t know basically, or is waiting to see what the Tories do and offer a small tweak to that too. She won’t commit to reversing the National Insurance Tax hike, despite it hitting only the waged and not the rich on their unwaged incomes, party of the workers my arse. She won’t offer the same pathetic public sector pay rise the Tories are offering, she’d offer them no more and possibly even less. All this and she called herself Queen of the chess board compared to Truss and Sunak. Well you aren’t. You’re putting donors and investors in such positions, making you all pawns and pawns don’t call the shots.

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