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Operation Rinka: The Tory plan to ditch ...

Operation Rinka: The Tory plan to ditch Boris Johnson

Jan 18, 2022

It's not all Big Dog or Red Meat, some Tories want Johnson gone now, see him as a liability & launched Operation Rinka. There’s a lot of operations going on right now isn’t there! Operation Save Big Dog, where the Prime Minister, only ever acting in his own interests continues to do so by sacking the servants for not protecting him from himself. Operation Red Meat where the government loyallists such as Mad Nad Dorries thinks defunding the BBC and bashing asylum seekers will save Big Dog Bozo, but just to show how good the Tory Party are at eating each other when things go wrong – and don’t you just love to see it – we now have Operation Rinka, where some Tory wheeze thought it appropriate to compare Big Dog to the dog scandal hit Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe shot in the mid 70’s. This is the wing of the Tory parliamentary party who think Johnson’s time is up, he has to go and there’s no recovering from what he’s done, so in actual fact there are some Tories at least, who have some lose connection with reality. Of course being Tories they’ll be worried about their own fortunes, Johnson isn’t unique in his self serving attitudes, his desire to remain Prime Minister not to benefit the country, but to benefit himself is simply an extreme example of that. No, these MP’s don’t want to lose their seats, don’t want to lose their place on the gravy train, don’t want to fail the donors who have bought and paid for them and they’re looking at Keir Starmer’s completely unearned poll leads and can see the writing on the wall, so they’re now lobbying Tory colleagues to get those letters of no confidence sent in to force a leadership challenge. What’s interesting is the groups that have allied with each other regarding this. You’ve ERG MP’s who wanted a hard Brexit, to former ministers, to new intake so-called red-wall MP’s who owe their wins largely to Johnson and the Brexit con he pulled, yet are conscious about how he’s gone down like cold sick in those traditionally non tory voting areas and of course Cummings has weighed in too. I’ve complained to my Tory MP, he’s not sent a letter in yet, like many he’s waiting on the Sue Gray report which they call independent but isn’t. This is foolish frankly. If she lets him off, and with her form regarding Grenfell, her reputation for getting rid of unfortunate evidence and her alleged lack of impartiality and conservative leanings, if she clears him, who would believe it? If she condemns him and frankly with the weight of evidence and number of parties now known it’s ridiculous to think she could possibly do otherwise, all these MP’s have done is delay the inevitable. Perhaps the bigger problem and one that’ll do them reputational damage further, is that should he be challenged, he may win again with next to no real leadership or talent left in the Tory Party to replace him. How much more do you think he’d get away with, if he survived that? The Tories are imploding and it’s lovely.

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