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Migrants: Dreaming of deportations or mo ...

Migrants: Dreaming of deportations or more wanted, Labour & Tories try to out racist each

Oct 05, 2022

Suella Braverman & Rachel Reeves put on a barbaric Tory vs Labour display of anti-migrant rhetoric. So, Suella Braverman and Rachel Reeves, the Tory Home Secretary and Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, but can you tell the difference because I can’t? Braverman is another one of those Tory MP’s from the Priti Patel school of fascism, born to migrants to this country who not only want to pull the ladder up to other families just like their own, but want to stamp on their faces for good measure. Braverman’s parents incidentally came to this country from Kenya and Mauritius and were, just like Priti Patel’s parents, economic migrants coming here in the 60’s. Braverman is on record defending her parents as people who came here via safe and legal routes, yet such legal routes to claim asylum haven’t existed since the days of Blair, which have forced people to risk their lives to claim asylum ever since, by making those channel crossings. Now she’s saying even those with a case for asylum, coming here via the dinghy, will be refused it. That’s illegal. Claiming asylum is an internationally recognised human right and for people making such a crossing, they must have good reason to want to come here and it’s not for us to pre-judge before an application is made – Braverman won’t even give them the forms if she gets her way. Who the f**k dreams of human trafficking, UN convention violating deportation flights to Rwanda except a complete psychopath? As for Labour, Reeves’ callous cruelty is well known, just ask those on benefits. She’s complaining the deportations aren’t happening fast enough, that not enough of them are happening and keeps banging on about illegal immigrants, yet it’s her party whilst in government that closed those safe routes. People are drowning in the channel because there are no safe routes to claim asylum here and that clearly won’t change should she and Starmer win power, though it wouldn’t so much be a case of winning, more Truss handing it to them on a plate right now. Two parties, both overtly racist, anti-migrant, pro hostile environment and morally inexcusable who see deportation as the answer to a problem too often this country has had a hand in creating.

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