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Local Elections should be a landslide fo ...

Local Elections should be a landslide for Labour, but Tony Blair's approval of Starmer ris

May 02, 2022

Tony Blair is widely known and widely despised. So is Starmer a fool for seeking his endorsement? Tony Blair’s rare interventions seem to be cropping up more and more, now doing party political broadcasts for Starmer, both completely oblivious it seems to how much he’s come to be hated and reviled for not ending 18 years of Tory rule but essentially continuing it. Starmer having lied about his Socialist credentials, his Corbyn loyalties, has shown himself to be anything but cast in the same light, cut from the same cloth instead as Sir Tony Blood-stained Blair, a war criminal who belongs in the Hague, not trying to sell a hopeless wannabe version of himself, yet who is blander than bland. If Blair’s old opposite number John Major was considered a grey man, Starmer would barely register on the visible light spectrum, more of a moral vacuum where hope for a better country went to die. According to YouGov, so caveats for that, Blair is known to 98% of people, yet only 19% actually like him. Do you really think wheeling him out was a good idea? These local elections for Labour, which is what Blair’s endorsing, should be a landslide in the making, it actually shouldn’t matter that Labour did well in 2018 when these seats were last contested – that bloody Jeremy Corbyn’s fault again – there should be gains made against a government guilty of breaking its own laws on pandemic restrictions, on meeting people, on crony contracts and also presiding over a devastating cost of living crisis, largely due to privatisation of services no longer in our control and a Brexit deal that is proving to be an epic act of self harm. When the Prime Minister himself is now a criminal, these local elections should define Starmer, yet he chooses to define himself by a yesterday’s man still believing he’s relevant. We’ll see what happens in a few days.

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