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Liz Truss: A cabinet full of sycophants ...

Liz Truss: A cabinet full of sycophants and besties shows she's continuity Boris Johnson.

Sep 07, 2022

Liz Truss has stuffed her cabinet full of loyalists just as Boris Johnson did, again alienating much of the party. So Liz Truss has taken the Boris Johnson route to naming her cabinet and chosen all her supporters and besties to fill those ministerial posts. She was warned not to, she was urged to choose from across the party, to unite it behind her, but not Lizzy and the grumbling behind her has already begun. Just ask Johnny Mercer’s wife. So who have we got now? Kwasi Kwarteng is the new Chancellor, one of her co-author’s of Britannia Unchained, so he also believes we’re all idlers, he’s a proper smug looking git isn’t he? He has a track record for making s**t up in interviews, supported Owen Paterson during his cash for access scandal but had any mention of it removed from his Wikipedia page and has taken donations from the fossil fuel lobby and private health. Oh and he’s an Old Etonian, so a mess is guaranteed. Gone has Priti fascist Patel from the Home Office and in comes Cruella Braverman instead, so if anything it’s another one of those hold my beer moments to see how badly she tries to out-nasty her predecessor. She hates human rights, wants them gone, believes the welfare system is too generous, despite the government now about to step in to freeze fuel bills and advised Johnson he could tear up bits of the Brexit withdrawal agreement that he didn’t like in flagrant breach of international law. She’s a lawyer by profession but if she were any more stupid she’d need watering twice a week. James Cleverly, the minister for Twitter trolling has been named foreign secretary, so let’s all pray he goes off to places where there’s not much wifi. Probably the most ironically named man in Westminster, he’d be out of his depth in a birdbath. It makes me laugh at all the people who have congratulated him on his last stint as Education Secretary, given he was promoted to that post at the start of the summer holidays. That rounds out the four great offices of state. People have commented on the diversity here, that there isn’t a single white man amongst them, but is it really that diverse when, for one they’re all Tories and for two, all of them are based in constituencies less than 100 miles from Westminster and all bar Truss herself were privately educated. Other notable postings are the haunted pencil and minister for vested interests and the 16th century Jacob Rees-Mogg, now business secretary. A massive climate change denier with financial connections to the oil and gas industry, the ‘green crap’ has very much been ditched. And then there’s Lizzy’s bestie Therese Coffey going to health. What an advert for it she is, but ignore the brandy swilling and cigar chomping, she’s made the lives of the long term sick, low paid, out of work and disabled a living hell at the DWP – it’s their health she’s impacted most of all and now she gets to do that for everyone. Another vile, very Johnson-esque cabinet. Get the popcorn in, this won’t end well.

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