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Keir Starmer's umpteenth relaunch oversh ...

Keir Starmer's umpteenth relaunch overshadowed by Blair

Jan 04, 2022

New Year and another new relaunch asLabour leader Keir Starmer once again tries to get people to like him. New year new relaunch for Keir Starmer as once again he attempts to say all the same old things, in a different way, in a vain hope that we’ll actually start to like him. Sadly for him his staunch defence of Tony Blair’s knighthood has dominated headlines, putting all the same old guff we’ve come to expect from him in the shade and reminded us all as if we needed it exactly why we can’t stand Mr Brylcreem. He was rather fond of mentioning the fact he was a lawyer, reminded us all as if it wasn’t imprinted on our brains now that he was the former Director of Public Prosecutions, but for all the hype he mostly makes himself about his record as a human rights lawyer, standing up for a man responsible for more than a million Iraqi deaths, demonstrates this was just yet another empty platitude cynically used for self promotion. It wasn’t his only mention of Blair either, putting him in the same category, the same sentence, on the same pedestal as Attlee and Wilson, a sickening take for any true democratic socialist, but refused to mention Corbyn despite standing for election himself as continuity candidate. It’s because they all won he told us. Well we know why Corbyn didn’t win and if you’d publish that damn Forde Report it’d help whilst at the same time acknowledge as Shadow Brexit Secretary you sabotaged Labour’s chances going full remain, whilst being silent on the subject ever since. You promise us security, when you’ve overseen a massive data breach and expelled members retroactively and amid weaponised racism. You promise prosperity when you’ve driven other members away in disgust, along with trade unions too and have wasted money on court fees and brought the party to the edge of bankruptcy, how very prosperous. As for respect, your third principle, well I for one have none for you. You’ve lied and cheated your way to where you are now. You had the brass neck again to make pledges to us, decency, selflessness, integrity, accountability, honesty – which you laughed at as you said it and leadership. A decent leader, doesn’t wage war on his own, a selfless leader doesn’t put himself first as you consistently have, integrity means you keep your promises, not break ever one you’ve ever made, accountability, again I say release the Forde Report, what are you hiding and honesty, well you did well to laugh at that, I laughed too, but your track record rivals that of Johnson. You’re no leader, there were once more no policies, you’re just a desperate establishment shill desperate for people to like you and it doesn’t matter how many flags you stick up or how patriotic you paint yourself. Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, it’s too polite a word for in all honesty, Keir Starmer.

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