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Johnson changes the Ministerial Code jus ...

Johnson changes the Ministerial Code just before he's investigated for breaking it.

May 28, 2022

A political leader who changes the rules to suit themselves & place themselves above reproach is no democrat. So Boris Johnson is clinging onto his position as PM like a limpet. Despite lockdown party allegations trying to chip him off his metaphorical rock, the allegations have just washed over him. He’s weathered the Met Police investigation, though their investigations seem to have amounted to little more than giving his grubby little shell a single tap for show and then polishing him up instead. Sue Gray’s report wasn’t the damning piece we were led to believe either, didn’t have the teeth necessary to shift him, though there are allegations it may have been tampered with. He’s still firmly attached to his Downing Street rock with no intention of moving and nothing says that more, than altering the Ministerial Code, when he’s about to be investigated for breaching it. Breaking the code was a resignation offence, though of course, it’s completely open to how the Prime Minister of the day chooses to enforce it, since they are the final arbiter of the code. Johnson doesn’t particularly want to resign, even though we know, thanks to Sue Gray, that he has lied to parliament. Instead Johnson has changed the code to if he still retains the confidence of a given minister as to whether they should resign and of course, nobody has more confidence in Boris Johnson, than Boris Johnson. He is still to be investigated over this by the Commons Standards Committee who seem certain to find he has lied to parliament, so what he has done is circumvent their potential findings so he can still remain leader of this country. He’s also given us an insight into how he intends to keep conducting himself by scrapping the seven Nolan Principles from the Ministerial Code too, integrity, objectivity, accountability, transparency, honesty and leadership in the public interest no longer get a mention. What Boris Johnson has done is consolidate his own power base so that there are fewer and fewer mechanisms by which to remove him. This is blatantly dictatorial, he’s behaving like a fat, overblown fascist and that’s a word I know that gets cast around a lot, but the definition of fascist is to exhibit authoritarian, intolerant and oppressive behaviour. He won’t tolerate rules that don’t benefit him, he has abused his authority to makes changes to protect himself and the reason he’s done this is because we followed rules he impressed on us but didn’t follow himself. He's ticked all three boxes. Our lack of a constitution has exposed chronic weakness in our democracy when a so-called honourable gentlemen behaves with no honour. We’re basically left with relying on the Tories to oust him themselves and with many still supporting him, there’s no guarantees even there. We face a situation where there may well be no democratic mechanism to remove him before the next election, and having forced voter ID through, do you think he wouldn’t try and rig that even further?

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