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Gabriel Boric wins in Chile

Gabriel Boric wins in Chile

Dec 20, 2021

A victory for socialism in Latin America as left wing reformist Gabriel Boric becomes Chile's youngest president. Gabriel Boric, a 35 year old former student protester turned socialist reformer has beaten Jose Antonio Kast, a Donald Trump/Jair Bolsonaro type right winger to secure the presidency of the country, the youngest ever candidate to do so. He promises to pursue green industry, ensuring everyone pays their fair share of taxation and the introduction of a welfare state. This victory for socialism has happened without any trace of surprise or irony, in the country where, after the coup in 1973, neoliberalism was born. That it dies there first is political poetry, but thats a death the vested interests of this world, namely the US when it comes to Latin America won't like one bit. The coup in 1973 that installed the dictator Pinochet was US backed too and the eyes of the world, particularly amongst those of us who wish to see socialism allowed to show why it can succeed does so without further outside interference. Solidarity Gabriel Boric, Viva Chile!

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