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Did the MSM just accidentally admit they ...

Did the MSM just accidentally admit they knew Starmer's 10 pledges were lies?

Jul 31, 2022

Financial Times politico Sebastian Payne drops a bit of a revelation over the ten Starmer election pledges on LBC. Keir Starmer’s dishonesty is hardly news, if you ask people what the first example of this is that springs to mind, many people will point to his infamous 10 pledges that he stood for election on. Each of them have been broken, several multiple times over and in the most insulting way possible, most notably of late being the promise to strengthen trade unions and workers rights despite banning his MP’s from picket lines and even sacking one of his shadow ministers over the fact they defied this. Labour is the workers party after all, but not if it refuses to literally stand with workers any more! However a somewhat overlooked little nugget of information came out this week in relation to these 10 pledges on LBC: Sebastian Payne of the Financial Times admitting that he knew at the time Starmer made those pledges, that his team were implying they’d never be kept and that everything that has happened since bears out what he was told two years ago. Why do lamestream journo’s sit on this information? They sat back and let Starmer deceive people for votes and allowed him to win. Why? No doubt they were instructed to. Starmer was establishment, he was their chosen candidate and the media helped engineer his win. The damage Starmer has done to Labour and in failing to oppose a hard right, incompetent corrupt Tory government is on them as well as the politicians, but it has also exposed Starmer was lying to us from before he even became leader, so nobody should expect him to be any different

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