Will tomorrow be better than today?

Will tomorrow be better than today?

Sep 05, 2022

Not if we keep repeating the same mistake of re-electing the people who broke our system of government.

Those of you reading this post know that I am in the process of running for the Guam Legislature; and continuing my work as a Community Activist at the same time, which leads to a lot of interesting conversations that not many other candidates get into. For example; I have been hammering all the politicians who in 2018 and 2020 that promised to roll back the Business Privilege Tax from 5% to 4%, and as of this day still haven't, generating tens of millions of dollars a year in budget surpluses.

Actual Question on the campaign trail: "How to you expect to get elected if you keep criticizing the incumbent governor and other politicians? Don't you know if you keep pulling down their underwear in public they will tell all their supporters not to vote for you?"

My Answer: "Do you think that after fifteen years of pulling down their underwear in public, they are suddenly going to like me if I stop now?"

People keep asking me how we can make our island better; and I tell them stop voting for the people that are making serving the needs of Adelup more important than serving the needs of our people. They are easy to identify. They are the ones that surrendered the legislature's power to Adelup by failing to pass Bill 11-36 - The Restoration of Separation of Powers Act.

You want to make our island better - don't vote for the senators that make serving the needs of Adelup more important than serving the needs of the people. This is a "gut check moment" for our people. Your answer to this question will help you decide the future course of our island: "Are you more concerned about the safety and financial security of your favorite politicians than the safety and financial security of your family?" If your answer is "YES" vote for your favorite incumbent politician. If your answer is "NO" for for one of the new candidates; maybe even me.

The problem most professional politicians have with me is the fact they feel that I don't respect our unique local political traditions, and they are totally right! I am running for public office to represent all the citizens of Guam, not the politicians and political parties of Guam. And at this point in my career as Community Activist, I know who the politicians are, who the true public servants are (few in number to be sure), and I am not expecting recommendations from politicians to get elected. I am counting more on the people who tell me they appreciate the work I have done exposing misuse of public funds and authority, and want me to continue doing so.

Politicians love those surpluses; and rather than give it back to us so we can do things like pay rent, pay utilities, pay for medications, and put food on the table for the family; they want to keep the money to fund their favorite project. Until we replace those senators; the excessive tax collections will continue until we - the people - are so broke that we have no choice but to leave Guam for a better quality of life.

Which leads me to the next question I hear often which is related: "Why are we stuck with the same candidates over and over again?" Because we - the people - have a tendency to forget the sins of the past, and keep re-electing them. Politicians count on that memory loss. That's why I keep reminding people.

This coming election ask yourself the famous Ronald Reagan question: "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" And if your answer is "NO" don't vote for the Governor who broke the local economy, or the senators that keep her in power. It's really just that simple.

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