Welcome friends !!

Welcome friends !!

Jan 08, 2021

Hi y'all and welcome to my "Buy me a coffee" account.

With the absance of gigs and the extreme uncertainty of whats to come in terms of the art sector in Ireland I've decided to start up this account.

Honestly I was nervous about starting this up because I hate talking about money and all that lame stuff.

The art is why you and I are here and all I want to do is to keep recording, gigging, laughing and having a great time with y'all.

Before covid, I was working as a session musician in temple bar, playing original shows here and there and full time in college. Every chance I got I would be gigging and making money to keep me going through college.

With that support gone and the little to nothing we get off the goverment I thought making this would be something to have just in case anyone has a few euro to spare that I would put aside for musical use in the furture whether that be studio time, music videos etc but it will 100% be invested back into the music and not spend on goodies in the shop or something haha!!

I want to make this worth while for you folks so I'll be trying to keep you up to date with behind the scenes on a lot of the unannounced stuff to come :))

Get in contact if there is anything you would like to see :))

Lots of love,

Kenan x

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