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Ruthless original | 10.22

Ruthless original | 10.22

Dec 27, 2023

A hallowed eve to all ye friends of the otherworlds..

It's been a full month of creative and logistical prep for Ruthless Jabiru and Decibel's forthcoming show together and to celebrate, ticket sales are, as of now, open! We're offering General Admission on a Pay What You Can scale from £15 – £45 and for those of you further afield, an option to support the project through a donation:

Limelight Magazine has run a great interview with Cat Hope about Decibel's UK tour including this q on our collab:

The last concert, The Holy Presence of, features a special ‘low end’ orchestra which sounds thrilling. What can you tell us about that?

I’m glad you’re as excited about that as I am! Ruthless Jabiru will consist of double basses, cellos and violas for this concert, alongside Decibel’s own strings, low winds and percussion. Both my work and the Alvarez feature live electric bass as a solo instrument—so add that to the mix! This concert also includes Lindsay Vickery’s Bascule (2016), which is an orchestration of the movement of counterweights used to lift the drawbridge of London’s Tower Bridge, based on a recording made from within a large chamber (bascule) beneath the bridge. These works will sound incredible in the venue, which is itself a tunnel under the Thames.

Read here in full: Limelight Magazine: Decibel embarks on its first UK tour

I hit my milestone 20th mixtape this month so thanks to all the composers, sound artists, improvisors, creators/-ives, and genre-defying performers enriching my world every fortnight. As ever, selections inspired by newsfeeds, score study, my impressive friends and miscellaneous booty of the algorithm

We've also been working hard behind the scenes on album prep for Ruthless Jabiru's collab with composer Soosan Lolavar and Nonclassical so stay tuned for updates

And for those of you interested in my freelance work—I joined friends earlier in the month for scorereading at 1901 Arts Club and the post-Summer return of livestreams to the Barbican. I was due to work two more great livestreams last week but am instead exorcising the haunt of Covid.. 🌪

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