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Ruthless original | 05.22

Ruthless original | 05.22

May 31, 2022

Hola and thanks to everyone for the follows and friendship on my various channels!

Have long been meaning to improve my newsletter game and thought this might be a good platform to get a monthly roundup happening 🤪 

So! A chilled performance-free May for me—but for those curious about conductor life off the podium, over the past few weeks I've been 

▪️ writing out endless dream programmes ▪️ researching ♫–concepts–logistics for an awesome new collaboration in progress.. details soon! ▪️ numbercrunching ad infinitum ▪️ checking out everyone's links on socials and meeting up with some of you to hear about your work ▪️ supporting friends in rehearsal and concert ▪️ a few scorereading+ duties for Barbican Centre 

Exploration mode has me loving mixtapes! For anyone in need of some genre-fluid inspo

Composer Soosan Lolavar and I are also still hard at work finessing/financing our album plans.. thanks again to all our supporters for your patience as we make it happen 😇 

All laced with practice+score study perpetuo—and energy conservation for the next inevitable sleepless projects!

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