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Everything is bigger in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas

Apr 24, 2022

Shifting gears for a bit this weekend. There’s a lot going on, with online teaching, and some upcoming World Collage Day events.

This weekend, I’m taking a break from some of that to get a few pieces started for my solo exhibit in January.

I’ll share the works-in-progress, once they get out of my head (and sketchbook). Hint: these will be some of the largest pieces I’ve made to date!

I’ve got some 30” x 40” wood panels (and a ton of encaustic medium!) for some very large encaustic collages. And I have some 24” x 48” deep canvases for some really big collages!

Go big or go home, right?

And a reminder that my studio sale continues through the end of the month. I am so thrilled with the number of pieces that have gone to new homes! Many thanks to my buyers! Still bargains to discover at

Stay tuned for glimpses of these BIG works!

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