Happy New Year! 2023 Kicked My A**

Happy New Year! 2023 Kicked My A**

Jan 20, 2024

The thing is, 2023 damn near killed me. So I can give the short lists of updates and what I've been up to both within my professional and personal life.

I became a certified Reiki Master and started working with my neighbor at the time at Sisu Wellness which unfortunately didn't last long and also what set me on the path of wanting to do healing sessions with clients.

I moved out of my parents house and now live with Salim (expect content from us soon). I gotta let you guys know this now, his humor is crude so anything thats posted or tagged and its only meant to be in good fun. Do not--and I repeat, do not take anything this man says seriously. He enjoys being a troll, so when hes on my page, just let it be. He's teaching me how to loosen up and have fun, not take everything so seriously. So my content may reflect that as well. So expect more laughter coming soon.

I could go more into detail about how magical this relationship has been, but I'd rather you guys come join us in live streams to experience that for yourself. We've been playing Genshin Impact together, and its been litty.

My dad had a stroke and lets just say between secrets coming out, my dad recovering, and mending the relationships of the past with my family, everything thats been happening is integrating me for a much higher purpose. So yes I've been healing through some major dark shit, to which I can go into more detail about it in a podcast episode. Which speaking of: I have a new episode up if you haven't listened to it already!

Now my healing journey...the spiritual stuff.

How the hell did we end up here?

Glad you asked, life kicked me in my ass enough to be like YOU KNOW WHAT! FUCK IT! And that "fuck it" moment has been happening over, and over again. My intuition is getting stronger, and guess what, the collective is awakening to our own powers. So believe me, the time will come when I take clients for coaching sessions on a one on one basis, but that won't be right now.

I wanna spend some time studying and being in practice before monetizing on it since I does a lot with the healing stuffs. But the basis of my healing teachings are Somatic Movement, Shamanism, Chinese Medicine, Witchcraft (some) & Ayuerveda. In short, I'm a priestess. But I would have to go back to the beginning as a child to explain that further & I will in a podcast episode.

Now for the bigger announcements!

I've decided to merge Blackmore's Publications with my healing business Divine Wisdom and rename it Blackmores Healing Publications. But why? Well glad you asked. Many of the stories I tell are channeled messages for the collective. So really the books I intend to publish are gonna be like "what the fuck? you just published a book about black people and dragons, and now you wanna publish another book completely unrelated to what you already put out?" YES!

The thing is, I realized I'm an artist. My souls path and purpose isn't to heal the world, no, but to tell stories and share my souls journey. The stories I tell are inspired from my own prior reincarnated lifetimes (if you believe that stuff), karmic cycles, past relationships, and all types of ish, and even the stories that others in the realm want to tell me. So I can't say I have a deadline for my books yet, but structure is what I'm calling in this year. Structure, and my team of people who can help make these dreams reality.

Its with this announcement I present to you the final release date of Karmina The Black Dragon Princess is due to come out August 22nd 2024! Expect paperbacks and a live book signing on release day at Bus Boys and Poets in my area! The live will be streamed on my socials if you're not following me already.


Fear. Dead ass fam because of fear. I was so afraid of being judged for my work, so afraid of having my work stolen and profited off of, but bump that. If its one thing this healing journey has taught me and its that fear is an illusion meant to keep us trapped to a false narrative that isn't true.

Also, my name is Tara (thah-duh) and not Kornelia. Salim brought so much joy to my name when I carried so much hatred and fear around it, so when I introduce myself it's gonna be my real name in person, and not my author pen name. I no longer need the protection of a false name because my name means STAR in Hindi. My mom told me that when I was born she saw stars in my eyes and knew I was gonna be one.

Thank you mom, I receive that now.

So there you have it! This is the one major thing I'm focusing on this year, and I gotta go back to basics and get to writing again. I have a lot of ideas, but structure is what I'm calling in this year. Organization is what I call in this year, success, and joy is what I call in this year.

Now how is the content gonna change or is it gonna stay just books?

It's gonna be both because I am both. I wanna invite people into the conversation to share, grow, and build community. That's my ultimate goal with my platform. So you're gonna have some podcast episodes more tailored towards the spiritual community, or the indie author community. There's gonna be some narrations, and even some content meant to bring laughter and joy as well. My platform is used to uplift, inspire, and have some fun.

In short, I'm inviting you in on my journey, my secrets, my world, and all I have to offer as a content creator and artist. And I DEFINITELY wanna help YOU build, grow & thrive. Whether it be "aha" moments through stories, or through us talking and sharing experiences with an open heart & mind. Either way I'm so happy to be of service (I'm tired yes), but happy nonetheless.

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