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Deepness of depreciation: a cultural stu ...

Deepness of depreciation: a cultural study

Mar 31, 2024

I used to be convinced that there is a direct connection between getting a present and being grateful and appreciate it. More so I would expect, that if some comes from a very poor social surrounding the appreciation for anything received would be even greater. My idea was, that if you used to have nothing and you are given something, you try to take care of the present as much as you can, of course, if its something that serves you. 

During my travels through latin americas kite spots, I was confronted with many situations that were making me so angry and speechless. Many of those places are at a very hidden place on our earth. So called fishers villages. At some places the local population lives in very poor conditions. The common scenario is as follows: some of the locals learn kiting to a very impressive level - but they need equipment, of course. This is being very often given them as a present from rich travelers. They enjoy the activity so they want it. In some cases they also just ask for it.  Now I would expect, if they are given something expensive, coming from households where they barely have any possessions, they would treat it as something very precious, try to prolong the life of it as much as possible.

Very often the opposite is true. They would not appreciate the equipment at all in the sense of avoiding its damage, or taking actions to prolong its life. Often they would break it or forget it somewhere. Now, one could argument, that they just dont know the value at all, so they cannot scale it. But this explanation was not enough for me. Finally, I started comparing them to spoiled rich kids - as they just get it without having to work for it. Which was kind of so strange: compering someone who doesn't even have an excess to potable water or daily certainty of getting enough food to a spoiled rich kid who has too much of everything and so does not appreciate.

As I had to work hard for being able to travel to kite spots and to afford all the equipment or traning, I was taking it a bit personally. I was really angry, especially, when some of them treated even my equipment without respect. 

This year I have experienced something that gave me a new insight on this whole situation. In the past years I have been working very hard on my kiting skills compromising on certain areas of my life a lot so that I can invest a good time into profounding my skills. I didnt see it as compromising at all - I was just super happy that I allowed myself this amazing time. Even if now and then my pragmatic self would question if it makes sense at all. What was not very comfortable - I was lacking the rather expensive equipment and sometimes had to fight for it. Of course, as always, as I like it - breaking the limits.

As my goal was to compete - of course! So I was trying to get sponsored. When this finally happened, I was very happy, finally all that I was working for started happening. I would have support of new, and high-end equipment. I was flattered, a huge weight fell of my back. 

After sometime, I started realizing I had strange ideas. As if I would like to get rid of everything I have received. I didnt understand it. Exactly this equipment was making me utterly happy and satisfied making it possible for me to . I suddenly got the impression, I felt like I dont deserve all this I am getting and so my automatic reaction was to better get rid of it. I was not used to it, to not having to fight for it. It was out of my league. I have never received something just because I am or just because I enjoy it. My nervous system and my whole being was used to feel comfortable when I lack of something and I have to fight for it. So  I started to feel uneasy about it. Even if I more than deserve it: I train the most proper way, I inspire others to get into this sport, I am running coaching programs that facilitate it to others to get into this sport and I am winning competitions.

So crazy, all I was working for as if it was nothing. And finally, I feel like I entered deeper into the behaviors of deprecitiaon of those poor locals.

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