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Free Children's Story - The Glass Carava ...

Free Children's Story - The Glass Caravan

Jun 03, 2020

With Promocode BMC-8741

I am now an official author thanks to The Caterpillar magazine including my story in their summer edition. Hooray! It's a great feeling to know a story I wrote will be read and give pleasure to people around the world. The story, 'Apple, Pear, and Plum' is a tale of an orchard that fights back when it is felled to make way for a phone factory.

In celebration, I am offering a FREE children's tale for all of you lovely people. All you need to do is go to my shop and click on the link and use the promotional code BMC-8741. If you are able to buy me a coffee or even just share the link, that would be great.

The Glass caravan is an allegorical children's story, inspired by the abandoned follies one finds in the English Countryside. I am always interested in what readers think of my work and this story has had such a range in interpretation. I hope you enjoy it.

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