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JetProductGallery: WordPress Gallery Plugin for Gutenberg | Features & Updates

Dec 27, 2021

#productgallery #gutenberg

In this update of #JetProductGallery, we made all plugin’s widgets compatible with the Gutenberg blocks editor. From now on, the use of JetProductGallery as a standalone plugin is significantly expanded. It is completely independent of Elementor and #WooCommerce, so you can create nice galleries on any website.

💡 Tip. You’ll need JetStyleManager to fine-tune your WooCommerce product gallery and make it match your website’s design.

◼️ Create gallery by selecting images manually from your media library or upload the ones from your device
◼️ Display WooCommerce product grid using WooCommerce products as a source and inserting product ID
◼️ Choose Post Types to pull out the images and enter a gallery key to output a specific gallery on the frontend
◼️ Enable Zoom to magnify the image or add a Photoswipe functionality for better mobile UX
◼️ Display the product video conveniently in a popup

Stay with us for more useful tutorials on using Crocoblock plugins with Gutenberg!

Get JetProductGallery ► https://bit.ly/3rZ7asZ


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