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JetAppointment WordPress Plugin | Features & Updates

Dec 27, 2021

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JetAppointment 1.6.0 version got some extremely useful features: #appointments management has never been more convenient. What does it mean?

✔️ Three types of scheduling options:
◼️ Time Slot — for fixed appointment duration
◼️ Time Pickers — for the custom time of appointment
◼️ Recurring — for scheduled appointments that repeat regularly

✔️ Four types of pricing:
◼️ Inherit Service Price — for the providers to acquire the same price set for the specific service
◼️ Slot Price Type — to set the particular price, depending on the provider itself
◼️ Hour Price Type — to establish the price for an hour (note: the price will be rounded up as the new hour starts)
◼️ Minute Price Type — for more specific prices set per minute

💡 Attention! %META::_app_price% macro is not supported by the JetAppointment plugin. From now on, the individual price is being formed dynamically from the appointment date field.

Stay tuned not to miss other updates and new versions releases!

Get JetAppointment ►https://bit.ly/3pibeTq


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