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How to use UPDATE item Endpoint for CCT ...

How to use UPDATE item Endpoint for CCT | JetEngine REST API

Dec 03, 2021


In this tutorial you will learn how to use UPDATE item Endpoint for CCT with the help of #JetEngine plugin and REST API in #WordPress.

💡 Tip 1. JetEngine’s REST API works only with Custom Content Types.
💡 Tip 2. Enable REST Update item REST API Endpoint functionality in JetEngine CCT settings.

◼️ register Update Item REST API Endpoint to edit the CCT entries remotely
◼️ recheck all the REST API settings to make sure everything works just fine
◼️ duplicate forms to create Edit Attendee Form with multiple forms quickly
◼️ edit the form ensure you have all the fields for the users to fill in
◼️ add the appropriate field for the CCT Item ID for the form to edit the exact CCT item
◼️ don’t forget to configure Post Submit actions for REST API request
◼️ add a form you created to the popup and customize it
◼️ attach Edit Attendee form to a particular listing

Stay with us not to miss other useful tutorials about WordPress REST API that are coming soon.

📄 Check out “JetEngine: How to Display Custom Content Type Items Using REST API” article

Get JetEngine: ► https://bit.ly/3b4tI2a


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