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How to create a custom stock status with ...

How to create a custom stock status with JetEngine? | And save $49

Dec 27, 2021

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You might have thought of creating a custom stock status and adding it to the product details but didn’t know how to implement it without extra plugins. Worries aside, you can do this with the JetEngine plugin only, namely, its Dynamic Visibility option.

💡 Tip 1. Enable Dynamic Visibility for Widgets and Sections Module in the JetEngine Dashboard.

◼️ Select Meta Data as the source for Dynamic Field widget with the specified field name related to the products in stock
◼️ Apply “Show element if condition met” visibility option with the right field name and specified value — the number of goods you’d like to display
◼️ Add other labels like “Only (quantity) left,” “Last Item,” or “Sold Out” using the same mechanics, defining the right value for “Show element if condition met” condition
◼️ Follow the guidelines and apply onbackorder condition value to put “Coming Soon” labels to you products

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