Chapter 1 Art Revamp

Chapter 1 Art Revamp

Apr 28, 2022

This was a major hurdle that I decided to do. Some were minor changes, like adjusting the pacing of the panels, while others were additions of new art that I didn't get to do first time around. Ikira's face from the first few episodes was one of my main motivations for doing this (as seen in the first image attached). As for the rest of the examples:

Episode 1: from silhouette to full body redraw

Episode 2: new art in the intro

Episode 3: pacing and framing fix

Episode 4: new art and pacing fix in the intro

Episode 5: adding new framing and art that I really wanted to do for that section

Episode 6: trying to fix continuity, adding missing polpo to the panels

Episode 7: BG alteration

Episode 8: This episode was the bane of my existence. It was originally completed in less than a week . The final product was sloppy, had blatant re-uses of drawings and barely had any backgrounds. The attached section where they talk about Torus the Understated was completely revamped.

Episode 9: I wanted to create a better introduction for the magic in this world and to incorporate more of the scrolling mechanic into the comic.

Episode 10: adding pacing and scrolling flare

Episode 11: panel replacement during the argument, trying to make the opening of the episode more legible

Episode 14: adding new backgrounds throughout the episode

Episode 20: Opening went through 3 different phases, 2nd phase cus first one was rushed, and 3rd because the bg felt empty

Episode 21: Adding backgrounds to blank panels or characters that were just floating in air. This was something I did basically to all of the old episodes.

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