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Sep 04, 2022

First, a BIG thank you to the supporters & users of this portal.

In the recent past, additions have been

  • ATIS: This has always been a hit-or-a-miss thanks to the reliability of third-party servers. However, with the latest version of KashAir, the ATIS will show whenever available. So if you don't see one, it mostly means that the external website is unreachable.

  • ASIA Satellite: Additional satellite image introduced for the typical subcontinent area of foreign coverage. (Thanks GP)

  • Current Weather: Present conditions at the airport coordinates from Open Weather. This redundancy will be helpful in those times when the ATIS is outdated or not available. It is intended to be laid out to enable performance calculations intuitively. This was the outcome of multiple user feedback (Thanks you-know-who-you-are!)

Safe landings!

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