Testimonials: Karen's Spiritual Readings ...

Testimonials: Karen's Spiritual Readings!

Feb 19, 2021

My collaboration with Karen (we have done a number of sessions already in a short period of time) is more like talking to my Higher Self. Through her intuitive gifts, I feel like I’ve accomplished full scale of healing without a need for long therapy sessions. Her readings are so personal that you can feel that it’s all for you and Karen is this beautiful conduit. The messages are always timely and practical, even though they come through Karen in a very spontaneous way. I feel so blessed I came across her services. It is truly spiritual what she is doing.

Inessa K.


Wow, Karen!! I am so completely blown away and grateful I am going to do exactly what was suggested and I would love the opportunity to do this again with you. I’m simply just so overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation! Is it OK if I share your information with others? You are simply incredible! Thank you!

 K. Oxner


Oh my goodness! I can't thank you enough for this incredible, beautiful reading! It's SO right on!! Where I've been, what I've been working on and how I'm feeling lately could not be more accurate. And you helped me feel like anything is possible ❤ Among other spirity things, I've been in a mediumship mentorship program and am hoping I'll get to use that in my future. I'm so grateful for your time and amazing gifts! Thank you Karen!

Melissa M.


THANK YOU, KAREN!  That was phenomenal!  Nearly everything you said was a direct hit in regard to my situation and what seems to be happening.  You even picked up on some recent events, dominant personal traits AND some of the minute details of my job, as if you already know me well. Even the symbolism was a match for my greatest obstacles and highest hopes.  You did indeed provide the actionable insight that I had hoped to gain.  I am beyond impressed and profoundly grateful!

Michael H. 


I had several hunches about some situations that basically require professional industry advice but instead of rushing into the other offices I thought "hold on" let's check out Karen Dahlman's reading site.

Smoking hot! I didn't expect to be that impressed with using such a method but I can't express how sincere and diligent of a reading I received. I am now clear as to what, why and how to approach "w/o 😨 F.E.A.R." the sensitive issue(s).

I'm glad that I was lucky enough to get in line with such speed to ask Karen Dahlman those particular questions of interest to me.  Her response(s) were so effective it really helped me with matters of deep concern.

I'm a firm believer in a fair price but I think with her help I will see an amazing turn of the tables in my life in which others will benefit too.

So if you're stumped on what to get someone for a great gift as well as yourself go to www.creativevisionspublications.com

T. Taylor


Your reading is so accurate and so helpful at this time in my life! I have had a few readings here and there and paid far more money, but the purity and clarity in your work surpasses any reading I have had in the past. I want to thank-you because your words were a confirmation that I am moving in the right direction. I feel like I can keep pushing on even during these highly demanding times in my life. BTW- several months ago the scripture about "he who waits upon the lord will renew their strength.... rise up with wings of eagle.." came to my mind so strongly, and led me to find an eagle coin with this scripture on it which I carry around in my wallet. So when you mentioned eagles and owls in your reading it was telling. I am drawn to owls and have a collection of owl figurines,etc. So all these signs that you noted in your reading were 100% applicable to my circumstances. Thank-you again, I am so grateful for the insight. 

Regina L.


My channeled message from Karen was amazing! I'm so glad I had it done. It confirmed some topics I thought I already knew and really opened my eyes to other things. I feel like I have my own motivational speech to listen to whenever I start to doubt myself now too! Thank you, Karen A. Dahlman! 

Alicia D. 

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