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EXCLUSIVE: Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve ...

EXCLUSIVE: Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve DIRECTOR'S CUT

May 10, 2022

Hi Kanpai Planet supporters!

I am proud to announce the first exclusive benefit for everyone who has bought me a coffee/beer/sake/dram!

Many YouTubers offer supporters early access to videos, but I want to offer my beloved fam one better. An EXTENDED VERSION of my latest video, reviewing Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve, featuring MORE info, MORE opinion and MORE of what makes Kanpai Planet what it is.

What is wonderful is that you lovely people didn't expect anything! I know you supported Kanpai Planet out of the goodness of your hearts. I hope this will be a nice surprise for you, and let you know how much I appreciate your support.

You have received an email with the link for your exclusive access.

If you're reading this and want to join the community and get access to this Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve Extended Mix, please consider supporting at buymeacoff.ee/kanpaiplanet.

Memberships coming soon!


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