Introducing Neo 2.0

Introducing Neo 2.0

Dec 07, 2020

A few months ago, I released Neo. A chrome extension that implements a voice-based assistant to google chrome.

This allows you to search google, open pages, translate texts, play/pause music on your tabs, set timers... All with just your voice!

Since then, I have been working on version 2.0, which brings many new features and improvements which I think you will like.

Introducing themes:

One of the biggest feature is the ability to set a theme. The selected theme will be used as an accent color across the whole extension, from the color of a button to the wave used in the assistant.

Setup screen:

New users will now be presented with a setup screen that will help set up the extension step by step.

Setup screen:

The commands have been improved and there's an improved UI that makes it easier to understand the commands.
You can also customize some commands with its dedicated UI in its section.

There are more improvements, but these are the biggest ones that I thought I could share with you :)

I'l be releasing it very soon. (Hopefully before Christmas)

If you haven't got Neo, get it here:

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