A gallery of homeless toys

A gallery of homeless toys

Aug 16, 2020

Yesterday, I was exploring the Sina Weibo and found a post showing 9 images of homeless toys, every one of them is adorable and cute and also pitiful.

We all have some toys from childhood to nowadays, they brought us so many happy times, we should always not abandon them.

So I create a website to collect all(hopefully, as much as possible) homeless toys to remind each of us how adorable they are and we should not abandon them like a trash :-(

All the images are collected from internet, I'd like to invite you to submit such images you found or took to make this website great.

In the future, I intend to setup a non-profit organization to collect, recycle the homeless toys and finally donate to the one who needs them but there is many things to do to achieve this goal, I will start from maintaining this website and hope it success fully helps someone.

You can visit Homeless Toys to see the website and this page to submit a new image.

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