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How To Contact Robinhood Customer Service Number?

Aug 16, 2023

Robinhood, a popular stock trading app, primarily offers customer support through its Help Center and email, but it can be a bit challenging for users to find direct phone support. If you're looking to contact Robin Hood Customer Service, here are some steps you can follow:

Robinhood App/Website:

1. Open the Robinhood app or log in to the website.
2. Navigate to the "Account" section (usually found in the bottom right corner of the app).
3. Tap on "Help" or a similar option.
4. From here, you can browse the Help Center or look for contact options.

Email Support:

Robinhood typically offers email support. You can try reaching out to them via their known email addresses like "[email protected]" or a similar variant. However, always ensure you're emailing an official Robinhood email address to avoid scams.

Robinhood Help Center:

1. Directly visit the Robinhood Help Center on their website.

2. Search for your issue. They have answers to frequently asked questions that might resolve your concern.

3. If your specific issue isn't addressed, look for options to contact their support team, which might include forms to fill out for email support.

Social Media:

Robinhood is active on platforms like Twitter (@RobinhoodApp). While this isn't a direct line to customer service, you can try sending them a message or a tweet. Sometimes companies are responsive to public queries or concerns raised on social media.

Phone Support:

1. Robinhood did have a phone number for urgent account security issues, but they emphasized reaching out through the app or website first. You'd typically receive this phone number after initial contact for urgent matters.

2. Please be cautious. There have been scams involving fake Robinhood phone numbers. Always ensure you're contacting an official Robinhood line. If in doubt, start through their official website or app.

Note: Always be cautious about giving out personal or financial information. Only provide details when you're certain you're communicating with the official Robin Hood Help support team, and not a third-party or scammer. If ever in doubt, reach out through the official app or website.

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