The Best ROI Out There

The Best ROI Out There

Jan 07, 2021

This morning as I was heading into the office, which I haven't done since I retired myself last year, I was thinking about why I decided to invest in the space:

The investment in my surroundings always gives me an ROI I can see very quickly and it's always good.

The best ROI you will have will always be the investment you make in yourself, including the investment you make in your esthetics.

Environment is everything, even the things you write with. If you are a writer and prefer to use a pen, invest in a beautiful pen and lovely paper. It might cost a bit more but the ROI will be the partner you need to be consistent.

What can you invest in today to assist you to be consistent in your own goals? Be practical and think through: what do I love to use? Why? What is calling out to me? Do not consider price. Once you do you shut off the flow of possibility and creativity. Remember: this is an investment and whenever you follow your own intuition you will not be disappointed. You will always have a great harvest.

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