How To Change The Outcome

How To Change The Outcome

Jan 19, 2021

In this morning's energy check in, the time was invested in a pure channeled message. Most of it was around how we create our affirmations and why they don't work for people.

The video is below.

One of the main thoughts that came through is that there is no alignment within yourself, so that holds up what you want to experience. For instance, you might affirm that you are rich but your subconscious says, "Liar! Look at the bank account." Your vicarial response to your affirmation agrees with your subconscious. So what is a better affirmation? I increase more and more until I am profusely rich. Or, every day I increase more and more.

Keep it simple; progressive; possible and probable.

You can easily get behind that every day you are increasing until you are in the feeling of being successful or rich. Then, you can adjust your affirmation.

A few others that might be helpful:

I am thankful for my boyfriend husband, who values me as I do him (her).

I am thankful that I get the opportunity to serve others daily with my gifts & talents.

I am thankful I give magical service for magical pay.

I am thankful that everything is always working out for me.

What I seek is seeking me.

I am perfectly equipped to handle whatever comes my way.

What are some affirmations that continually work well for you?

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