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Ophelia lights a cigarette but doesn’t s ...

Ophelia lights a cigarette but doesn’t smoke it

May 30, 2022

She watches it burn and burn and burn and she smushes it out into the table, scorching the wood. She doesn’t care.

“That was stupid”

She says to no one

The door unlocks and Trevor enters holding a bag of groceries with a baguette and flowers sticking out. He sniffs the air

“Yo you smokin? I thought you was quittin.”

“I didn’t smoke it. Just lit it. I don’t know what for on account of now it smells like smoke in here. I found one of my packs and there was one lonely lil guy in there and I felt bad he was by himself so I lit him.”

Ophelia takes a moment to look Trevor up and down. She snorts 

“You know who you look like?”

Trevor “oh trust me I know who I look like”

Ophelia is amused “okay then tell me. Who was I gonna say you look like?”

Trevor puts down the groceries and hands the flowers to Ophelia. He tenderly kisses her cheek.  “first lemme set the scene”

Ophelia laughs and relaxes into the couch

“So you know how you wasn’t feelin good?”


“Well, today was that farmer’s market you been sayin you wanna go to but since you wasn’t feelin good I decided I’d surprise you cause you always talkin about how you wanna be like one of them French type farmer’s market girls. The ones with them lil hats-”

“The berets”

“Yeah them lil berets and you always on about how they get these baguettes and flowers and how they put ‘em in the front of their baskets like on the bikes? Well I decided to do all that. Look I even took a picture”

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone. He opens his camera roll and tosses the phone the Ophelia. She catches it and looks at the picture. She laughs loudly

“You rented a bike just for this?”

“Nah I asked some girl if I could use hers just for the picture. She looked at me all crazy but I said it was for my girlfriend and she got all mushy and told me how to pose and everythin. But anyway the point is I figured I’d get you all of them things, the bread and flowers and fruit and shit so you could be a lil Frenchie at home. Only thing missin is them lil hats”

Trevor hands her the baguette. There’s a bite in it

“I got hungry on the way home”

Ophelia bites into it

“Do we have butter?”

“Better than butter, I got-”

Trevor pulls out a log of purple looking cheese

“Ta-da! This is some gourmet organic expensive ass blueberry type cheese shit. It’s like goats milk or somethin. I didn’t realize people were milkin goats”

He hands her the cheese. Ophelia opens it, smells it, and takes a bite. With her mouth closed she looks up with wide eyes at Trevor

Trevor smiles “good, huh? They lemme sample it while I was there and I figured it’d be a nice surprise for you”

“All of this is a nice surprise for me”

Ophelia motions for Trevor to join her. He climbs over from the back of the couch and plops down next to her. She reaches over, bread and cheese still in her mouth, and grabs Trevor’s face and pulls him in for a closed lip kiss. When they pull away Trevor smacks his lips loudly 

“Mmmm tasty”

Ophelia laughs. Trevor eyes her

“You sure you wasn’t smokin?”

“Didn’t inhale or nothin. Just lit it. I promise”

“I believe you. I always do”

“And you always can”

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