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I’mokay I’m okay I-

I’mokay I’m okay I-

Jan 06, 2023

I’m in a locked garage with the engine running, too afraid to lower my windows because maybe I’m not quite ready to say goodbye. I turn up the volume, let Phoebe Bridgers muffle my ears, allow her haunting melody to drown out the pierce of my screams. Metallic crimson overflows in my throat as my vocal chords shred like the fibers on my last string of hope. Is this what feeling is supposed to taste like? The windows shatter and I’m inhaling the fumes, it seeps into my skin, fills my chest until it burns into a rage I know all the words to. The corners of my lips crack as my jaw unhinges, swallowing the space around me, I turn black hole as I consume myself, leaving nothing but a soft pile of stardust

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