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Here comes trouble

Here comes trouble

Dec 19, 2022

I call myself good girl as if you don’t turn me bad

as if I don’t crave the taste of your instability

let me feel the static shock of your desire

seep into my skin and stain me with your want

I curl into myself in an attempt to disappear

because as much as I pray you’ll seek me

it’s much better if I remain hiding

I’m not willing to risk it all

yet the razor sharp edge of your jawline

the warning sign flash of your smile

triple dog dares me to show you how I can be

such a good bad girl

and I’m just




See, that right there is what makes you so dangerous-

Dangerous? You think I’m dangerous?

Come on, now, don’t do that. You know why.

No, tell me. What about me is just so dangerous?

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