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New PCT Backpack Needs a Name!

New PCT Backpack Needs a Name!

Apr 13, 2021

So, after much deliberation, I finally splashed the cash (with your help) and purchased a custom-built backpack from Atom Packs. It's a 50L pack and as I type I have around 30 miles on it, fully loaded with my full PCT gear. This is the most comfortable pack I have ever owned!

The Atom is ultralight, waterproof and has lots of cool features. I really love the bottom pocket that you can store snacks in, as well as a place to put your snack wrappers.

I will create a full review video, but in the meantime, I was wondering if you can help me with a name for my pack. My Osprey was called "Nelly" after Nelly Bly, who was the first journalist to hike around the world.

If you have any suggestions for a name for my new Atompack, then please send them my way. I will announce the name at the end of the review video.

Thank you.

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