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Anecdote of Yuji Chapter 1

Anecdote of Yuji Chapter 1

Feb 27, 2022

Yuji is sitting in his room watching a movie. The day before was a long one. He wanted to rest for a day before heading out to do his job again. That's when a character in the movie jumped off a building to save the character's loved one and he immediately was reminded of the events yesterday.

He was in Saitama exorcising a spirit haunting an office building. A staff member had died there a week ago due to an accident. He fell off the top floor. Everyone thought he committed suicide but his friends were adamant that wasn't the case because he didn't face any problems at work or at home. He was a cheerful lad who got paid well and even took care of his parents. The company asked the police to investigate it but they couldn't find anything suspicious. The next day another fell off the building and died. The same happened the next day. It continued for the next few days and the employees who died were like the first man. They all lived a decent life and only had problems common people faced. The ones who died were working late in the night and suddenly got up and walked to the roof and jumped. There was no indication of any suspicious behavior. They looked pale and terrified and walked towards their deaths.

This scared everyone working in the building and most of them stopped going to work. And then it happened again. This time an old lady who was a janitor in the building, died. Everybody was terrified and the boss told the remaining employees to go home and not come back for a few days. The police were called in and they sealed the place and continued investigating. They looked into everything including the employees and the history of the building.

The news reported this and that's when Kenta Takanashi saw it and he immediately suspected it was a work of a cursed spirit.

Takanashi was one of the managers at the Tokyo Technical School. He contacted the higher-ups and Yuji was called in to investigate the scene. Yuji accepted his new job and immediately prepared a bag with the essentials and took his dagger and departed.

En route, Yuji thought of all the incidents that occurred 5 years ago and he got sad. Everything Sukuna and the curse spirits did was coming back to him. He even shed a tear but he immediately let go and got his mind cleared and he went to the building without thinking of the past. He entered the building and immediately knew there was a cursed spirit lurking around.

He searched the building and then finally went to the roof. He was shocked to see a man standing on the edge. The man jumped but Yuji with lightning speed caught him and pulled him up. He tried to talk to the man but he was unconscious. He looked around to see if there was anyone around but nobody was to be found. He carried the man to the bottom floor and sprinkled some water on him. The man woke up and Yuji gave him some water to drink, the man drank it and suddenly stared at Yuji. The man looked pale and terrified and then started saying something really fast and Yuji wasn't able to understand him. Yuji tried to calm the man down but it was in vain. Yuji was patient and tried to talk to him calmly and asked him to drink some more water but then the man pointed at the stairs and said that thing told him to jump. Yuji turned around and looked for the "thing" and found nothing.

Yuji thought the man was still in shock but his senses kicked in and immediately looked back and spotted a dark figure at least 7 feet tall staring at them.

The man started screaming and Yuji let go of him slowly and then he rushed to it and took out his dagger, given to him by his dear friend Maki, and he was ready to charge. But he remained calm and waited to see if the figure was going to do anything.

He knew it was a cursed spirit as he could sense the cursed energy. The spirit was just staring at him and doing nothing and that's when it called out to him and told him the same thing it told the man. "Jump and die". Yuji got up and walked towards the stairs.

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