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Chapter 6

Oct 27, 2023

After arriving in Tokyo, Yuji headed straight to the jujutsu sorcerer training school where he was greeted by familiar faces. Among them was Hiro Matsuda, a junior he had a deep respect for. They exchanged warm greetings, and Yuji couldn't help but feel a sense of pride seeing how much Hiro had grown under their unique training.

Over the next few hours, Yuji decided to spend some time training Hiro physically. He knew that in their line of work, strength and agility were crucial. As they sparred and trained together, Yuji imparted valuable combat techniques and shared his experiences from the recent confrontation with the cursed spirits.

As Yuji was in the middle of a training session with Hiro, the school's principal called him to his office. In the office, Yuji recounted the events of the recent confrontation with the cursed spirits in Shibuya.

The principal expressed his gratitude for Yuji's dedication to the cause and then revealed a new mission, a Special Grade assignment. This mission involved traveling to Saitama, a place with its own dark folklore, where the school had long-standing ties.

Reports of strange disappearances and eerie occurrences in a remote village in Saitama had reached their ears. It was believed to be connected to a centuries-old legend of a vengeful spirit known as the "Kawa-no-Kami" or River Deity, said to haunt the banks of the Arakawa River.

People had gone missing without a trace, and their belongings were left behind near the river. The principal explained that the village's situation was dire, and Yuji's mission was to investigate the truth behind these incidents and, if necessary, exorcise the vengeful spirit.

With a mix of excitement and trepidation, Yuji accepted the mission and prepared to head to Saitama, not knowing what dark mysteries he would uncover in the heart of the village, where folklore and reality seemed to intertwine, guided by his mentor and the wisdom of the school.

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