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Anecdote of Yuji : Chapter 7

Anecdote of Yuji : Chapter 7

Jan 19, 2024

As Yuji stepped off the train in Saitama, the air felt different from Tokyo. There was a mysterious energy lingering, a sense of unease that wrapped around the village like an invisible shroud. The mission to investigate the Kawa-no-Kami had begun, and Yuji couldn't help but feel a mixture of anticipation and caution.

The village was quaint, with narrow streets and traditional houses that seemed to hold centuries of stories within their walls. Yuji's first task was to gather information from the locals. He walked along the riverbank, asking questions and listening to the tales that had been passed down through generations.

The stories were chilling—a dark spirit haunting the Arakawa River, snatching away unsuspecting villagers who ventured too close. The missing people, their possessions left behind near the river, added a layer of mystery that sent shivers down Yuji's spine.

As he inquired further, Yuji discovered that many villagers were hesitant to speak openly. Fear and superstition had taken root in their hearts. Still, he persisted, finding a few brave souls willing to share their experiences.

One elderly woman spoke of seeing strange shadows dancing along the riverbank at night, whispering voices carried by the wind. A fisherman described an encounter with an otherworldly presence that chilled him to the bone. These accounts painted a grim picture of the village's struggle with the supernatural.

Nightfall approached, and Yuji decided to explore the riverbank alone, armed with only his jujutsu skills and a flickering lantern. The moon cast an eerie glow on the water as he walked along the quiet banks of the Arakawa. The sound of rustling leaves and distant whispers heightened the tension in the air.

In the darkness, Yuji felt a presence—a sensation of being watched. He moved cautiously, his senses on high alert. The lantern light flickered as a cold breeze swept through, and shadows danced along the edges of his vision.

As he turned a corner, there, at the edge of the river, Yuji spotted a mysterious figure. A creature, partially obscured by the darkness, seemed to be part of the shadows themselves. Its eyes glowed with an unnatural light, and a haunting whisper echoed through the night.

Yuji narrowed his eyes, ready to confront whatever malevolent force lurked before him. The creature seemed aware of his presence, and for a moment, time hung in suspense

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