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Lick #2: Bm run with tension and resolut ...

Lick #2: Bm run with tension and resolution

Nov 09, 2021

Hi friends!

This is a pretty hard one, but it's a great tool to practice legato and playing using only one string. I'm thrilled to share this challenge so let's get going, shall we?

The first part is a triplet-based lick using a F# triad and some scalar movements to imply a Bm harmonic scale. I am a big fan of using triplets without grouping them in threes. Be careful not to rush here.

Then, the challenge start with a sixteenth note run that is perfect to practice position change. We will travel within three different positions at light speed. Not having tension in your thumb is crucial here to allow your hand to move flawlessly. Also, make sure that you use just the tip of the fingers and that your knuckles stay bent in a natural position.

Pro tip: Take any part of this lick -let's say between 6 and 10 notes- and practice transposing it to all 12 keys. Beside the obvious advantages of transposing phrases, this will dramatically improve your soloing vocabulary. Have fun!



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