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Lick #1: Ab bebop cadenza

Lick #1: Ab bebop cadenza

Nov 08, 2021

This is a cadenza in the key of Ab. This means that is a perfect way to resolve melodically to this chord, for example, at the end of a tune in this key or at any moment if you are playing rubato.

The first two bars form a descending phrase -with some added chromatic tones- over the scale of Eb7(b9,b13). You can also use this lick if you want to resolve to a Ab minor, just be careful with the resolution tone. Other common resolutions include:

  • Eb(b9,b13) -- > Emaj7

  • Eb(b9,b13) -- > Dmaj7

  • Eb(b9,b13) -- > Dm6

The final bars are an ascendant ornamental lick using a double approach to the notes of the Ab mayor triad (Ab, C, Eb) with bottom chromatic and upper diatonic tones. Practice using this for all the above resolutions, this is a mayor part of bebop language!

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