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I'm Still Alive!

I'm Still Alive!

Feb 09, 2022

I know I haven't been very active around here, and I apologize for that. I've been focused on my writing and on my doctors' progression as I sift through what's going on with my health.

The fan fiction for Labyrinth, "A Tangle of Roses", has been coming along nicely. "Mailene" (which still doesn't have an official title, ugh) is progressing quite well -- we have an artist for the cover! -- and it's moving slowly but I'm chiseling away at it. Those are the two main projects currently, but I am working on other things on the side. "Jamie" is coming along pretty well, but it's on a back burner at this point.

Medically, I'm in a whirlwind of tests and more tests. Bloodwork, MRIs, x-rays, and more! All to discover if I have an autoimmune disorder, and if so, which one. There are so freaking many! There are different classes of disorders, different branches of classes of disorders, different families of branches of classes of disorders... you get the idea. We have ruled out several with some previous tests, but there's literal mountains of diagnoses that this could be, and we still have to sift through them to find the right one!

My doctor is fantastic, though. She is a fighter, and a bulldog. She won't give up until we have some answers, and that makes me feel fantastic about it. I feel relief, something I don't get often with the pain I'm in. I feel like we might actually get somewhere with it, and that feels so good -- especially on Medicaid! Anyone on public healthcare probably knows what I'm talking about... we tend to get subpar care.

So that's where I'm at. I'm still here, typing away at the stories I'm working on. You can find "A Tangle of Roses" on AO3 or FanFiction.net, under my usernames (eiredreyden and J Svogar, respectively), and "Mailene" is on track to be out sometime this year (hopefully LOL!) :D I'll do my best to keep you all updated as best I can, whenever there's something new to let you know! And as always, you can join me on Discord, here: https://discord.gg/q4Mkpy3 (this link shouldn't expire, but if it does, just message me and I'll provide you with a new link!). I update there more regularly, and I'm on Discord every day so I'm more available there. :)

Much love to you all! <3

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