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.. a month of war ..

.. a month of war ..

Mar 25, 2022

..A month of war...

It feels like an eternity.

In just one month, life has completely changed.

I never thought that grandparents' stories of hunger and war could touch us live😔

Many have lost their homes and families, living on nothing but hope.

But during this time we have realized how strong the spirit of each of us is, and together we are the strongest on Earth❤️‍🩹

It's easy, of course, to say: "May all be well", but it's a drop of hope for each of us: that his family would find him, that someone would share food/clothes with you; that he would find a warm shelter and at least for a while, but feel that everything would be okay! It just takes time, a lot of time🙏🏻

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