The Views are Rising...

The Views are Rising...

Mar 21, 2021

Welp, the numbers are really starting to rise for me on the socials. On LikedIn, my connections have surpassed 2000, about 1500 on Facebook, 800+ on Instagram and almost 500 on Twitter!

The two new platforms are gaining steam as well. I have just hit 50 on Twitch (qualifying for affiliate status) and am only at 22 subs on YouTube (not counting the other channels) so, I really need to focus on "asking" for Likes, Followers and Subscribers in order to hit my goals in 2021.

I have a TON of views when it comes to my VODs (video on demand) but I almost never ask people to comment, like, follow or subscribe to my channels so.......they don't. I really don't care (anymore) about monetization of Facebook, YouTube and Twitch since I am gonna focus all my efforts here on BMC (Buy Me a Coffee) but, in order to benefit from the ads being run on my videos, I first need to qualify on Twitch (just did), YouTube (got a long way to go) and Facebook.

And in order to "partner" with those platforms, I need to hit their minimum requirements in order for me to get my "fair share" of the ad revenue. And in order for me to hit those numbers, I have to "ask" people to comment, like and share my videos as well as follow and subscribe to my channels.

I never really liked doing that because I didn't feel like I earned their viewership and always thought, if they like me, they'll "Like" me (and Follow/Subscribe to my channels). But the truth is, the same 4-500 people (on average) seem to follow me around (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/etc), comment on my posts and, like my pics (coffee mugs and pathway pics) so, I really shouldn't be afraid to ask for help by clicking on a button. But's a tough ask. Anywho, I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

Oh yeah, and since I literally just started this mini-blog and support page, I'll run it past you guys first. So IF you happen to read a post of mine and find it valuable to you in some way, please comment (even if it's to say HI) and like it so that the algorithm picks it up and shows my post to more people.

And if you watch my VODs and think it's a half-way decent video, feel free to comment and or LIKE it for the same reason, it helps the channel metrics and goes a long way in helping me get in front of more viewers.

IF you also happen to catch one of my LIVE streams, please feel free to leave a comment, ask a question or simply LIKE the video as that too helps tremendously. I love chatting with you guys anyway so, let me know what you really think and who knows, maybe it'll spark a great conversation with everyone in the CHAT.

And finally, IF you feel I am delivering any sort of value to others in the community, please consider following my page here on Buy Me a Coffee and consider becoming a new member. You would be helping me out (financially) with my battle against cancer and with my mountain of medical expenses (rising each month), and a major surgery coming at the end of the month, it would mean the WORLD to me if you joined the team.

I will probably lose my insurance next month as I can no longer afford the cobra payments (more in a follow-up post) that are now closing in on $1500/Mo. Hopefully I will get approved for both SS Disability and Medicare/Medicaid but who knows how long I'll have to wait for that decision.

Anyhow, you can now see why I hate asking for help from the community. I know you guys went above and beyond last time I had cancer so asking for help this time around seems, well, a bit much.

So.....this time around, I wanna make sure that I am at least providing some sort of "value" ...hence the perks of membership. And I will be adding to the list each month like personal (via Zoom) appearances, behind the scenes videos, members only LIVE streams, personal updates, t-shirt/hats/accessories/etc giveaways, members only game nights and movie viewing parties, gift card and coffee mug drawings, etc etc etc.

So at least if I'm not able to LIVE stream every single week in April and May, then at least I can interact with the community, members and supporters on a regular basis and provide some sort of value.

Again, thanks SO much for ALL that you guys do and even if you can't swing a membership, please consider buying me a coffee or just drop me a note wishing me well as that is just as important to me as a membership. Just knowing you have my back, are thinking about me, praying for me, sending me good vibes (juju) and sending me kind words of encouragement means more to me than you will ever know.

Thanks again... Hope all is well with you and your loved ones and, have yourself a wonderful evening! ~JR

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