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Participate in funding new gradual hints ...

Participate in funding new gradual hints for adventure games

Oct 23, 2022

Every adventure game should have their own low-spoiler gradual hints. If you feel the same you can now participate in making this goal true.

Writing hints for a game is time taking process as you can't just write your walkthrough progress on an article. Because of that I just don't have time to write hints for every game out there. Luckily I have had help in writing hints. Now you can help, too!

I have listed some games on my Buy Me a Coffee wishlist. As soon as any of the games gets funded I will buy the game and commission the hints for the game. The money collected for the game pretty much follows the length of the game.

I am happy to add more games to this list so please comment on this post about what game you would like to see the hints for.

You can see my wishlist here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/jrutila/wishlist

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