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Nice Game Hints is now a UHS reader, too ...

Nice Game Hints is now a UHS reader, too!

Mar 09, 2022

It is no secret that Nice Game Hints is built on the idea of the Universal Hint System. It was originally created by Jason Strautmann in 1988. That is a long time ago and back then the Internet wasn't as widely used as nowadays and the idea of downloading the hints on your computer and reading them from a client software was a feasible approach. Luckily UHS also provided a way to read the hints using your browser, too.

Somewhere around 2015, the site has stopped publishing new hints and improvements to the site itself. uhs-hints.com is still accessible and you can read the hints from there, albeit, for example, missing modern mobile view. On top of that, some of the hints are only downloadable. Like Albion hints shown in the screenshot above. To read those hints you would need to find a working UHS reader (there is a java version: https://sourceforge.net/projects/openuhs/), download the hints, and then use your computer to read the hints. And that doesn't sound easy, right?

Nice Game Hints supports reading UHS files now, too. You can just download and unzip the UHS file from uhs-hints.com and upload it to https://www.nicegamehints.com/uhs. After a brief conversion, you have access to the original UHS hints file with a modern, mobile-friendly, user interface.

So, if you are looking for gradual hints for such older classics as Full Throttle, Return to Zork, Martian Memorandum, Shannara, The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble, Police Quest series, Quest For Glory series, Ringworld, Sam & Max Hit the Road, head to https://www.nicegamehints.com/uhs.

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