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Looking for a game dev to partner with in writing in-game hints

Nov 04, 2022

Nice Game Hints has been around for a couple of years now and I have developed a tried and tested way to write gradual hints for point'n'click games. But this has been for the web, outside the game the player is playing. My latest addition to these web-based hints is progress-aware hints. This means the user can tell how long they are in the game to get only relevant hints. But this is just a step in my next goal: helping game devs implement in-game gradual hints for their games. Return to Monkey Island set here the bar quite high. You can read my take on those hints in this blog.

My idea is to implement a bunch of libraries ready to be used with different game development engines. I am a seasoned software architect able to produce production-level code for these libraries. The data the library would use is the same easy-to-write format I use in my web-based gradual hints. Alongside the hints, the progress model is written. I have web-based tools to build the progress and the hints (the below image shows what the progress model for Grim Fandango's El Marrow looks like in a web browser). This means writing the hints is easy and they can be easily tested while doing. No need to compile the whole game just to test that the hints flow nicely etc.

I am now looking for game devs who are developing a point'n'click adventure game that will have in-game gradual hints. I can code you the logic for selecting the correct hints in whatever phase of the game the player is in. I can maybe even help write those hints. Your game has to be able to tell the library what the player has already done and of course, implement the showing of the hints as you see fit for your game.

I will only pick one game per used development platform/language. This library will be a licensable product when it is ready so this is your chance to get some free coding done for your project. Contact me through Twitter: @nicegamehints or send me an email: [email protected].

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