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Gradual hints for Paradigm

Gradual hints for Paradigm

Jan 10, 2022

I don't know how this game flew under my radar for so long. It was released already in 2017 and what a treat it is. There is something in this game's absurd humor that hit me hard as I found myself laughing out loud in several moments. Paradigm is developed solely by Jakob Janerka.

The story is told from the protagonist's, named Paradigm, point of view. He is a mutant who is tasked to save Krusz from imminent destruction. And all he would like to do is produce some sweet electronic music. The characters are top-notch and everyone is absurder than the previous and the mini-games or sections are refreshing.

The game itself is a "classic" point'n'click adventure game and contains logical puzzles. The puzzles are challenging enough. The game has an internal hinting system (it is a talking tumor) but the hints are quite vague. If you want, you can play the game without hotspots and the tumor's hints.

Jakob has written his own low-spoiler walkthrough for the game (https://www.paradigmadventure.com/walkthrough) and it even has its own spoiler system (you can highlight black text). But, of course, my hints are more gradual and low-spoiler-y. You can find gradual low-spoiler hints for Paradigm at https://www.nicegamehints.com/guide/paradigm/.

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