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Gradual hints for Mutropolis

Gradual hints for Mutropolis

Apr 10, 2021

I've been eyeing the game Mutropolis for a while now and finally got to write hints for it. Mutropolis is a point'n'click adventure set in the year 5000. You are playing as Dr. Henry Dijon, an archeologist, and a nerd. The setting gives nice background to look at our current time 2020's from outsider's point of view. This game is the first from the development team Pirita Studio and I think they made a great job. The story works and there are genuinely funny jokes in the game. I have a low-end Linux computer and suffered sometimes from laggy animations but point'n'click games are in that regard forgiving.

The puzzle design seems fresh in Mutropolis. Multiple times I found myself applauding the design choices. I tried to reflect these ideas in my hints so that the player could get enough help. Sometimes I ended up just saying out loud how things work, hoping that would be enough to nudge in the correct direction. Of course, there's also the solution if the puzzle is just too hard.

The game didn't have hotspot functionality in the beginning but luckily they listened to the feedback and added that. That removes a bunch of my work as I don't have to tell the position of every item by the pixel.

If you haven't played Mutropolis yet, go check it out. I can heartily recommend it. It is available on Steam. And, if you get stuck on a puzzle, head to https://www.nicegamehints.com/guide/mutropolis.

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