Throw Together #2- Walking Tacos

Throw Together #2- Walking Tacos

Feb 20, 2021

Image Source: Markus Winkler from Pixabay 

I cook without measuring, so I can't quite share a recipe. I therefore present this "Throw Together", a little wisp of kitchen inspiration from my foodie heart to yours.

Kids LOVE walking tacos. It's something about the name, I think; the idea of eating something as traditionally messy as a taco whilst ambling about is something of a novelty, indeed!

The "recipe" I use for walking tacos is like most of my other recipes in that it is not a recipe at all. I am to disorganized to provide for something like that. Sorry! But, because I want you to enjoy walking tacos as much as my family has done, I'm going to jot down here what I typically "throw-together" on walking taco night:

Walking Taco Throw-Together

Step One: Purchase one personal serving-sized bag of corn chips per person. Better yet, instruct each person to bring his or her own bag of corn chips to the meal. This allows for individuality and freedom of expression. My kids just loved shopping for a bag of corn chips for walking taco night!

Prepare from the following list only what you feel like/what your family likes, adding any other ingredients particular to your taste and budget:

  • Taco seasoned beef or chicken

  • Cheese

  • Tomatoes

  • Sour Cream

  • Shredded Lettuce

  • Taco Sauce

    Step Two: Put it all on the counter.
    Step Three: Everyone opens a bag of corn chips and crushes them up before adding directly to it the toppings they enjoy! (Chip crushing is another favorite part of this throw-together!)
    Step Four: Listen to everyone wish every day was "Walking Taco Day"

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