Welcome to 2022

Jan 04, 2022


How's your spirit?

What have you got planned, new, in 2022?


Moving along in this journey to create a more compassionate community. 6 months ago I began a YouTube channel to get comfortable being the face of a message/movement. Also, to strengthen many of the pathways that had been damaged after my Dissociative Identity Disorder Diagnosis. I've seen the code of capitalism unraveling since 2017 when I started speaking solely about the disparities in the healthcare system on Twitter.

I found there are millions of Americans suffering in silence with only internet communities to commiserate. Now on YouTube, I find the Cult of Capitalism preying, mostly, on the emotional vulnerability of the black community in the form of financial and relationship Gurus. All the while spreading messages that separate people, their money, and their community. Despite these things, I have managed to meet genuine people with real character, hearts, and messages to share.

People taking to the airwaves to vent their grievances is nothing new. To me, this is the effect of the Capitalist Code. People low on hope and money aren't either. What's new is the numbers. There are more of us surviving or coping at the hands of capitalism than there are thriving. If we unite these voices we can move a nation. We can't unite until we understand each other.

2021 definitely let the world see the emotional vulnerability of many Americans. In 2022, I would like to show the emotional growth and the power that provides a person, people, nation. I know it's possible, because I have seen, lived, and encouraged it in others. Thank you for being in this time and on this journey with me. Keep Your Spirit Up and See You in The Streams💜💚💜

PS. Enjoy the video, ignore the times that's my ambitions for the new year on display🤭💨🙃

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