Wednesday Wellness 12/1/21 Imposter Synd ...

Wednesday Wellness 12/1/21 Imposter Syndrome

Dec 01, 2021

How fitting that the date is a palindrome going into the last month of 2021. In many ways, it is ending how it started and in others, it's a wonder to experience. We have seen more than our fair share of back-and-forth shenanigans in this past year. Thank you all for becoming CityZens and Supporters. I never imagined the journey would be this difficult. I've managed children, military volunteers, and culinarians. While it prepared me to build a community it did not prepare me for the awe I would experience when my message was supported.

I've spent a lot of time this year processing my Imposter Syndrome. I say "I'm Just a mom" but I'm so much more. My lived experiences are worth twice that of a book education and so are yours. While I know I am qualified for this next step in my life, I fear success. Not that I wouldn't know what to do with it, rather, how many times can you CityZens forgive me for needing to take extended breaks.

Recently, Simon Hectic and R'Shaun Dave put it into perspective for me. I'm neither message nor messenger. I am simply the vessel. Like the compassion I pour out the message flows through me. My job is to show up, faithfully, with an open heart and mind. That is my personal goal and as such, I am issuing a challenge to myself and the channel.

For December, I will be working on my Self-Discipline. Being Neuro-Diverse with a Chronic Pain disorder I have to wade through a ton of mental sludge to thrive each day. Living with 5 other people in your head is like managing any unit of personalities. Discipline, structure, and understanding are crucial.

I will be sharing more details on the channel challenge in the Facebook Group. Does discipline come easily to you? Who poured that work ethic into you? Do you use positive reinforcement to discipline? What does that look like when talking about self-discipline? Please share your discipline journey. Leave it in the comments. Keep Your Spirit Up. See You in the Streams💚💜💚

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